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Universals are lift supports ordered according to size. They are called universals because they are commonly used in a wide range of applications in addition to the use of gas lift struts on all types of automobiles and can be matched to a wide range of products based only on their size. Using the old strut as a guide, you can provide us with all of the information we need to match the replacement lift struts to your application. Simply follow the instructions and the accompanying photos to get the precise measurements.

Replacing gas lifts is an easy job that doesn’t require the services of a mechanic. The key to a successful application is in getting the right gas springs for the job. Ordering is also easy with just a few simple steps. At Auto Gas Springs Store, we make every effort to provide you with an enjoyable ordering experience. If you have questions about the products or the ordering process, feel free to contact us online. We have the lifts that are needed for nearly any application and will help you find the one that you are looking for. With the growing use of gas lift struts for so many applications such as opening and holding open doors and storage compartments, having access to replacement pneumatic springs when the existing ones are no longer operational is essential for getting the maximum use from your items that incorporate them into their operation. We have the selection of the highest quality products at competitive prices that makes it fast and easy to get your products working like new again.

It is easy to order your Universals - you just need 4 pieces of information. First - remove your old lift strut from its installed position. The lbs of Force will also limit your choice in End Types.

1. Extended Length

With the lift support in its full extended position, measure the distance between the centers of the two end mounts to determine the overall length. Record this measurement.

Extended Length lift Support

2. Compressed Length

Measure your old lift when it is compressed to its shortest length. Record this measurement.

Compressed Length Lift Support

3. Pressure (Lbs of Force)

Often you can find your old lift's Lbs. of Force either printed on the body of the support or shown on a sticker that's attached to the body. The lbs. of force is important as the internal pressures vary anywhere from 20 lbs. up to 250 lbs.

4. End Type

Your lift will have one of 5 end types:

Type A Type B Type C Type D Type E
10mm Plastic* 10mm Steel* Blade Style xxmm Steel 13 mm Steel**
End Type A End Type B End Type C End Type D End Type E

* 10mm is the most common design used for most universal applications.
** 13mm is the most common style used for 28" extended length lift supports.