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Hood Lift Support Installation

Installing lift supports is a simple process and one of the last few modifications that can be done to a vehicle without specialized computer hardware or a high level technical knowledge. This article will describe the most typical installation instructions to install lift supports for a vehicle's hood.

Tools that may be required:

  • Open end wrench
  • Phillips head, Torx or regular screwdriver
  • Long nose pliers

Before removing the old gas spring, inspect the end connections and compare to the gas spring you have ordered. Note the position of the old gas spring rod and the cylinder end. Your new gas spring must be attached in the exact same position. Align end connectors on new gas spring to ensure they match the position of the old gas spring. If your vehicle has two gas springs holding up the hood they should always be replaced in pairs.

  1. If your old gas spring has electrical terminals connected to it, make sure the ignition is switched off. Then carefully remove the terminals.
  2. If you gas springs have plastic caps over the end connections, they should be removed and saved to reinstall.
  3. Have someone hold the hood before removing old gas springs. While props are sometimes used, this is not a good idea as the prop may slip. Ensure the hood is secure!
  4. Remove old gas spring (if you are doing both sides, only remove/replace one at a time). See specific instructions for the style connection your gas spring has… Ball End, Eyelet, or Bolt mounted connections. (shipped with gas spring)
  5. Reinstall gas spring one end at a time. Make sure the new gas spring is installed exactly the same way as the old gas spring. (NOTE: Open and close a few times. If you have a second gas spring to install, do it now.)
  6. If you have electrical connections, reinstall them.
  7. If your gas springs have plastic caps over the end connections, reinstall them.
Caution:  always wear safety glasses as you should for any automotive project.   Do not puncture or heat the gas spring’s cylinder as contents are under pressure. 

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