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Auto Gas Springs Store

01 /Exceptional Quality

There are a lot of cheaply manufactured overseas gas springs on the market.  Our gas springs are fabricated in the US of the highest quality and come with a 5 year limited warranty.  We have been around a long time, so if you have any problems, send us a note and we will make things right!

02 /Fast, Friendly Service

We appreciate our customers and are grateful for having the best customers in any industry.  We want to keep that relationship strong by doing anything that is fair to assist in helping in any way we can.  Need help with a custom application, or have a question about a part, send us an email.

03 /Widest Selection of Gas Springs

Auto Gas Springs Store has the widest selection of gas springs available for automotive or custom universal type applications at fair and affordable prices.  We continue to grow our catalog every year so we can be your one stop shop for all things relating to Gas Springs.

04 /Texas-based Small Business

Automotive Focused Products, LLC is proud to be an American company (Texas-based) and we appreciate your support of a small business.  Thank you for support and we promise to continue grow and become better with each customer encounter.


01 /Automotive Replacement Parts

Auto Gas Springs Store has the largest selection of replacement gas springs for automotive type applications.  Our catalog consists of more than 10,000 different lift supports to fit almost any kind of automobile on the market.  Check out a replacement part for your vehicle.

02 /Universal Applications

Universal applications are custom type projects outside of the typical automotive space.  Instead of looking up a part by year, make and model, you would look up by Extended Length, Compressed Length, End Type and Force.  Have a custom application?  Look here!

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